State of the Child and Happenstance Part Two

sam-hughesState of the Child and Happenstance Part Two Exhibit, Green Hall Gallery.  The exhibit will be run through Thursday, December 8, 2016.

After attending college where he received a degree in Photojournalism, Sam Hughes embarked on a journey, working for newspapers and magazines throughout the South.  Although college trained him well, he learned so much more in the real world.  Sam covered all types of stories from the biggest cucumbers and watermelons grown that season, to feature stories, such as one about a dwarf second grade teacher, to fiery deaths on the well-traveled interstate that went through the town where he worked.

After a stint in the Pacific Northwest and the Washington, D.C. area, Sam married the love of his life, had a son, and moved to the Hampton Roads area.  Event photography has always been a good fit for him, because of his photo-journalistic background, so in 2002, he began his company, primarily focusing on weddings.

Soon after moving he began teaching photography at a local community college.  In 2010, he began my studies for a Master of Fine Arts degree and once finished, took a professorship at a local university where he currently teaches photography and graphic design.

Watch the artist interview now:

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