Descendants Visit the Fine Arts Center

It was a pleasure to meet Nancy Fruedenthal and her family who are relatives of Chowan Alumna, Rev. Elizabeth Villegas.   Mrs. Fruedenthal’s family became interested in their family history so they traveled from their homes in Texas and Montana all the way to Murfreesboro, North Carolina to visit Chowan University.  You see, they are descendants of Godwin Cotton Moore who was the leading founder of the Chowan Baptist Female Institute (now Chowan University).  Their main interest in visiting our Fine Arts Center was to see a painting of the Mulberry Grove Plantation house.  This is the house where the first board of trustees met in the planning of the institution and Moore was the first chairman of the board.

Godwin Cotton Moore was Mrs. Fruedenthal’s great-times six grandfather and Rev. Villegas great-times four grandfather.   Mrs. Fruedenthal is cousin to Whit Moore who was Rev. Villegas’ grandfather on her mother’s side.

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To schedule a visit to see this fine collection of art and antiques, contact Twyla Duke, Curator at (252) 398-6320.  Who knows, maybe you will find that the artist of one of the paintings is related to you!  But even if they aren’t, this is a collection that you would enjoy learning about the artist.

This is the watercolor of the Mulberry Grove Plantation painted by local artist, Dr. J. Fred Saunders on January 22, 1964. This house is no longer standing.

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