New Jenkins Collection!

Thanks to Mr. Joseph Henry Jenkins, brother of Mr. Wayland Jenkins, for his generous donation of jewelry, which belonged to his late wife, Jenny, who passed away in June 2017 (refer to June 8, 2018 post). Jenny Beecher Cooke Jenkins was an artist who enjoyed life, people, teaching, travel, and painting. She also loved jewelry!

What a heartfelt moment we experienced as Mr. Jenkins saw his wife’s jewelry exhibited in superb fashion. He pointed out certain pieces of jewelry and shared stories of their purchase during travels to Turkey, Greece, Guatemala, and Mexico. Some of the pieces were gifts from him, showing his exquisite taste as well.

Along with this fine collection of jewelry, we have a painting of Jenny Jenkins done by artist, John Silver (his third painting exhibited in The Center) right beside the display. This painting, I believe captures the essence of Jenny Jenkins’ personality – her zeal for life, love, learning, and fun.

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